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Indian Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

Indian Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (IJCP) is the official journal of the Indian Psychiatric Society Uttar Pradesh Branch. It is published biannually. It is a comprehensive journal for mental health professionals, allied disciplines, and mental health policymakers. Emerging knowledge of the highest quality in psychiatry, the latest technological enhancements, and developments of psychologial interventions are shared in a timely and practical manner for clinical and professional use.

Volume 2

Issue 1

Month : April 2022

Journal 2

Indian Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

The Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), India's largest and oldest national association of psychiatrists was established on the 7th of January 1947 in New Delhi during the Indian Science Congress. The IPS over the year grown and extended its national networks extensively all across the India.

Volume 1

Issue 1

Month : June 2021


When The Whole World was Witnessing COVID Crisis... A New Chapter Began

The COVID-19 pandemic has extended its prongs across the globe, leading to extensive mortality and morbidity. There have been 148,532 tests, 7,862 diagnosed cases, and 112 deaths for a million population in India, by mid-February 2021.

Vipul Singh, Sujit Kumar Kar

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The Slippery Slope of Editing : Balanced Perspectives for Initiating a New Biomedical Journal

Since the evolutionary advent of scientific thinking, medical journals have been well-known and influential media for professional and scientific discourse within academia.

Debanjan Banerjee, T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao

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A Private Psychiatric Specialty Hospital in Kanpur Some Initial Experiences

The modern trend throughout the world is to treat psychiatric patients in the environment in which they live to facilitate their quick return to their families and place of work.

R.K. Mahendru

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Mental Health in U.P. - Last Fifty Years

Uttar Pradesh is bigger than many countries of the world, both geographically and in population. This state consists of large Indo-Gangetic plains with Hindi as the basic language though the dialect differs in different parts.

A.K. Agarwal

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A Kaleidoscopic View of Substance Use in Uttar Pradesh

Substance use disorders are a rising public health problem in the state as well as the country. National level surveys have concluded that a large treatment gap exists between the population at risk, dependent individuals, and the resources available for management.

Pronob Kumar Dalal and Kopal Rohatgi

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NGO's and Their Role in Mental Health Care in India

Non-Government Organizations are institutions recognized by the government as nonprofit organizations, which are welfare-oriented and play a key role as service providers, activists, and researchers in various fields about human and social development.

Shashi Rai, Bandna Gupta

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Suicide in Uttar Pradesh : An Overview

Suicide has become a matter of growing concern in current times. The suicide rate is on the rise worldwide, and India is no exception to it. Suicide being a preventable cause of death requires more attention, early intervention, and proper strategies to deal with it.

Shivangini Singh and Teena Bansal

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Review Article

COVID-19 Chaos and New Psychoactive Substances : New Threats and Implications

New psychoactive substances (NPS) denote substances of abuse that are not subject to international control measures but mimic effects akin to controlled drugs, which may cause harm to the public health.

Kumari Rina, Sujita Kumar Kar, Susanta Kumar Padhy

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Mental Health Issues in Covid And Post Covid-19 Scenario : The Way Forward

The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading around the globe over the last eleven months now. More than 54.5 million people have been infected worldwide, and 1.3 million of them have died due to the disease as of November 15, 2020[1].

Tapas Kumar Aich, Amil H Khan, Prabhat Kumar Agarwal

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Psychiatrists in The State of Uttar Pradesh : The Iconic Professionals

Psychiatry, over years, is gradually getting its well-deserved recognition in the country, especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh.The credit goes to the concerted efforts of the professionals of the area who have worked hard to develop and sustain the field.

S.C. Tiwari, Nisha Mani Pandey

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Werther's Effect : A Brief Review

Every individual is an essential building block of our society. Hence, whenever a life is lost prematurely to suicide, it is a personal tragedy and a devastating loss to a family and society. India has one of the highest reported deaths due to suicide worldwide.

Rakesh Yaduvanshi, Anurag Agrawal, Chinar Sharma

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Immune-Inflammatory Pathways in Somatoform Disorders : A Theoretical Update

Nearly a decade ago, Rief and others published their pioneering work documenting the relationship between the inflammatory response system and somatization and comparing it with major depression.

Vikas Menon, Natarajan Varadharajan, Selvaraj Saravanan

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View Point

Attributes of Distress Among Healthcare Workers Infected with COVID-19

Over the past year, the world has witnessed the devastating effect of COVID-19. As of by 5th January 2021, a total of 84,233,579 confirmed cases and 1,843,293 confirmed deaths had been reported globally, with a mortality rate of 2.188%.

Sujita Kumar Kar, Akanksha Shankar, Sudhir Kumar Verma, Parul Verma, Rahul Kumar, Suyash Dwivedi, Anand Kumar Maurya and Rajnish Kumar

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Choosing and Publishing A Research Project

Research is an important building block for most academic careers. One of the main goals of education in psychiatry should be to encourage individuals in the early stages of their careers to conduct research.

Yasodha Maheshi Rohanachandra, Raviteja Innamuri, Amit Singh, Anoop. G, Guru S Gowda, Harita Mathur, Jayant Mahadevan, Lochana Samarasinghe, Naga V S S Gorthi, Pratikchya Tulachan, Rajesh Shrestha, Rajitha Dinushini Marcellin, Samindi T. Samarawickrama, Shanali Iresha Mallawaarachchi and Shreeram Upadhyaya, Shreeram Upadhyay and Sharad Philip

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Original Article

Sexual Openness and Sexual Dysfunction in Indian Women : A Qualitative Approach

A healthy and satisfying sex life is an important component of overall wellbeing for a woman. Multiple studies have shown a strong positive association between sexual function and health-related quality of life.

Jyoti Mishra, Nitin Gupta and Shobit Garg

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Case Report

Cannabis Induced Psychotic Disorder in Cannabis Withdrawal During COVID-19 Lockdown : A Case Report

Cannabis is one of the most widely cultivated, trafficked and abused illicit drugs in the world. [1] The generic term cannabis is used to indicate the several psychoactive preparations of the plant Cannabis sativa with Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the major psychoactive ingredient.

Dhana Ratna Shakya, Sandesh Raj Upadhaya

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COVID-19 : Depression and Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

COVID19 outbreak is a pandemic and global health emergency that directly impacts the physical and mental health of the global population. Commonly reported mental health problems due to COVID-19 are depression, anxiety, insomnia, loneliness,boredom,avoidance, defence responses, and maladaptive behavior.

Raghav Gupta, Pranahith Reddy and Kishore M.

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Art & Mental Health : Perspectives of The Mind

From a tiny insect crawling through the centre of the image to a humongous bat flapping its wings right through the art, it is our fickle minds that make sense out of what objectively is nothing but colours spread over paper.

Pawan Kumar Gupta and Aditya Agarwal

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